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Do you want to replace your car tyres or wheels? Or feel like your car wheels are out of alignment? Luxury Wheels Motorsport can help you! As experts in the trade, we have been offering a full range of tyre and wheel-related services to our customers across Springvale and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. We have a fully-qualified team of car mechanics who can provide you with the best advice and professional car service, meeting your requirements.

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Wheel Services Springvale:

Wheels Springvale

When it comes to your car wheels, trust the experts of Luxury Wheel. Our car mechanics have in-depth knowledge of performing all wheel-related works such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel installation. Our professional wheel alignment services will help reducing uneven tyre wear, increasing tyre life, reducing fuel consumption and ensuring optimal use of your car. With years of intense training and high-end equipments, we can get the job done to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tyre Services Springvale:

Tyres Springvale

At Luxury Wheel, we are always prepared to help our Springvale customers by providing efficient and quick tyre-related services. Whether you have got flat tyres or need help with tyre rotation, tyre balancing, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre maintenance or tyre installation, you can rely on our mechanics who work to your complete satisfaction. Whether you want us to visit your home, office or any roadside location, we will reach you quickly and get you back on the road in no time.

Tyres & Wheels For Sale Springvale:

We not only specialise in wheel and tyre repairs, but also provide wheels and tyres for sale in Springvale. We have stocked our inventory with thousands of alloy and mag wheels/rims as well as tyres from the world’s leading brands to choose from. In addition, we can also provide custom-made tyres and wheels that best suit your driving style.

Not sure which pair of tyres or wheels suit your car? Feel free to give us a call on 03 9547 3513 and talk to our experts now!