Wheels Tyres Malvern

Driving on worn or damaged tyres can be extremely dangerous. If you are looking for the best destination to buy tyres and wheels in Malvern, look no further than Luxury Wheels. We have been providing the highest quality tyres and wheels at the most competitive prices to our customers across Malvern and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. Our car mechanics are passionate about providing the best care solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Tyre Services Malvern:

At Luxury Wheels, we offer a full range of tyres from world-renowned brands to high-quality budget brand tyres for all makes and models of cars, vans, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles on the Melbourne roads today. We are dedicated to putting your needs first and making it easier to purchase the right tyre at the right price. In addition to providing tyres for sale, our team will be more than happy to help you with

  • Tyre rotation
  • Tyre balancing
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Tyre maintenance
  • New tyre fitting
  • Flat tyre repairs
  • Other tyre-related services.

Wheel Services Malvern:

If you feel like being pulled to one side or experience vibration as you drive your vehicle, it may be a sign that your wheels need an alignment. With properly aligned wheels, you can get the longest life out of your tyres. It also improves your vehicle’s handling and fuel economy whilst reducing suspension and steering issues. We not only can help you with wheel alignment but also assist you with wheel balancing and new wheel installation. We also have an in-house manufacturing team that can design and produce customised wheels, meeting your exact requirements.

Luxury Wheels really takes pride in being your one-stop-shop for all your tyre and wheel service requirements. For any query, feel free to call us on (03) 9547 3513.