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When it comes to thewheels and tyres Doncaster safety features of a car, you would think of the seatbelts, airbags and side mirrors. Well, there is another important safety part which most vehicle-owners overlooks – the tyres and wheels. As the sole point of contact between you and the road, tyres should fit nicely to your vehicle so that they will be able to work in their optimum condition. If your vehicle is in need of any tyre or wheel related services, you can trust the car mechanics of Luxury Wheels. Serving car owners across Doncaster and the surrounding suburbs, we can be your one-stop shop for all your tyre and car wheels service needs.

Tyre Services Doncaster:

Like many other components of your vehicle, car tyres also require periodic inspection and maintenance. When you bring in your vehicle to Luxury Wheels, our mechanics look out for any visible damages or bulges and check the tread depth. If the tyres are extensively damaged or worn out completely, we can replace them with the new set of tyres. In addition to new tyre fitting, we can also handle tyre rotation, tyre balancing, tyre pressure monitoring, tyre maintenance and other tyre-related works in the most efficient manner.

Wheel Services Doncaster:

Wheel misalignments can be caused by incorrectly fitted suspension, unexpected contact with the kerb or driving over a pothole in the road. Correcting all the angles of the wheels is essential to ensure vehicle stability, prevent drifting, reducing uneven tyre wear and improving safety while driving. Using the most advanced wheel alignment system, we achieve a precise angle adjustment as per the manufacturer’s specification.

Wheels & Tyres For Sale Doncaster:

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At Luxury Wheels, we have an excellent range of branded wheels and tyres for sale to suit all vehicles and budget. Our mechanics provide personal advice and the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. Moreover, we have an in-house manufacturing team that can design and produce custom-made tyres and wheels matching your driving style and budget.

If you think you have an issue with your car wheels or tyres, call us on (03) 9547 3513 and book an appointment today.